There’s an immediate and mysterious familiarity to her...sound. (Ali's) pristine voice hints at her influences without betraying her originality. She hits all the right notes, cooing sweet summery melodies, then rising into a resounding and powerful chorus.”

Ramsgate & Hackett

Ali’s vocal phrasing is superb – honed by countless gigs on the road.”

— David Manning, Music Tripper

Ali is…fully vetted and passes all tests of endurance and stage awareness.”

— Jenny Whiteley

Ali McCormick hails from the Lanark Highlands and has been performing across the country in a variety of venues. She…shows her emotionality and inner searching through her music. I’ve seen Ali many times over the years and she has really progressed with her delivery, stage presence and lyrical depth. Nice to see her successfully follow her passion.”

— Steve Tennant, EMC

Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick, aka The Lioness of Lanark County, mixes fiery, backwoods independence with a love of family and the open road. Rooted in folk music and the good folks who gather around her, when you ride with this wilderness wordsmith the world is a kinder yet wilder happy place.

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Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick

That Place You Know album cover

That Place You Know album cover

Calgary Goodbye

"All I Feel" from "That Place You Know"

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