East Coast 2017: More Fredericton, Moncton, Prince Edward Island and back again! Day 9?ish

To continue on where things were left off on the first blog post…

…indeed Fredericton proved to be much more of a gem of a city than anticipated. Visiting our great-grand-folks grave markers at the Christ Church Cathedral there was entirely more inspiring than expected. Being a person who questions adherence to any religion in particular yet an admirer of quality architecture, nothing could have prepared me for the smash of nostalgia and appreciation of faith that transpired upon walking up to and entering the church great gramps served in. There was something almost just in the air or on the ground/in the building…a certain awareness that my own flesh and blood had existed in another form at the turn of the 20th century, right there, such a feeling as only to be felt and not easily described. Wow.
Wandering the church was as amazing as you could imagine…but the highlight would have been meeting grounds-keeper Ken. Not expecting more than a short exchange of words, I asked a man working on the grounds to snap a picture of me sitting next to Dora and John’s markers. Ken and I exchanged pleasant hellos, but in further conversation I discovered that he was baptized by our forefather! Small world, and a new world where longevity is a reality. You see, Ken would have had to have been born before 1938 for this to have happened, which makes him an impressive age. Nor would I have guessed his age, still out there working away. Seems that the ground lighting is often kicked out by wandering drunks on late night destructive missions. Each to their own, though, I digress…
Fredericton: the show was a blast! My co-billete Michelle Morrison is a beauty to be adored! Set to embark on a season of tree-planting, all of Michelle’s friends came out to the Grimross Brewing Co. for a send-off of sorts, which made for many new meetings for this outta-towner! Orchestrated by Eddie Young of Roots&Sound, the evening was a success–and had a San Franciscan 60’s songwriter vibe, something that seems to follow this gal around…
After the Grimross show we all(and I mean everyone) tripped on to Wilser’s Room for Bluegrass Night w/ a hot act, the Montgomery Street Band and DANCED OUR BUTTS OFF in some sort of true East Coast-y kinda way. Stomping, howling, smiling, and sloshing our drinks on into the wee hours and then retiring to the band house for even more music(quieter and softer.) So many talented musicians every corner ya turn out here. 
From Fredericton it was on to Moncton, Summerside and Charlottetown for a string of great shows-on PE spent a wonderful overnight with Shelley and Mo(Fluffy Little Cowboys) and was taken for a wonderful beach walk near Thunder Cove on Mo and family’s land. After the PE shows I decided to tag along back to Moncton to surprise my friends The Ramblin’ Valley Band at their show with Jack Marks at Plan b. Wow! Some of you may have seen a couple of social media posts about it but Sunday at Plan b turned out to be a full-on celebrity night, with Josh & Benj of Mayhemingways, Bobby Dove and Jesse Ens, Jack Marks..plus myself and the Ramblin’ Valley Band boys: the result was a shaker for the ages, one I am yet recovering from two days later. (Well worth it for the memories.) The songs! The jams!

Anyhow, safe and sound in Dartmouth, albeit grey and chilly, I bid you adieu for to sleep longer than usual in attempts of regaining some energy for the next group of shows: Tomorrow(Wed.May.3) at Thirsty Turtle, Thurs.May.4 at Reilly’s Lounge in the Hearthenstone Inn, both in Dartmouth. After that Breton Brewing Co in Sydney on Fri.May.5, topped off with Clancy’s Pub in Stephenville, NL Sat.May.6




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