East Tour 2017: Day 2, The things you do for a familiar face as a grassroots touring artist/parking lot blues…

Hi folks! It is day two on the first Ali McCormick Atlantic adventure. Leaving Ontario on Sunday proved unnecessary…never the less, it leaves some extra time for exploration as well as a restful sleep in a hotel bed. For those slightly younger-uns reading and aspiring to strike out on the Trans-Canada with song…car sleeping in late April is BRISK so be ye careful in the planning department. I managed to get a somewhat cozy sleep in a Walmart parking lot last night. Now…it might just be me, but parking in backwoods areas seems too scary for to do alone in parts unknown(chalk that off to some harrowing experiences years back when I lived in a van, a single female aged 21)…again, planning is paramount! Do it! And do it better than this flailing hippy. Many of the campgrounds I was intending to occupy are not open until May 1st or beyond. So camper-friendly Walmart it was! Here is a link that quelled my concerns last night in Riviere du Loup: http://www.rvtransit.com/ad-2630-walmart-riviere-du-loup-quebec

Anyhow, after 8ish hrs of sleep interrupted only by two car starts for added warmth and intermittent listenings to Bruce Springsteen’s auto-biography for road inspiration I found myself not exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but definitely ready to continue on out of Quebec to Edmundstun, New Brunswick for coffee and windshield cleaning. From Ed it was smooth sailing to Fredericton, where part of the blog title was inspired. 

Upon dumping off the highway into Fredericton, turning into a big round-about I saw two characters of lovely rapport in a large white van that could be none other than Josh Fewings and Benj Rowland of Peterborough’s fuzz-rock duo the Mayhemingways! Now. Although entirely practiced in the fine art of “fan-girling”(I was aware they were in the area but had no designs of tracking them down, I was road haggard and lookin’ for to rest)…I was not expecting such a crossing of paths. And you know what? Eff it! Skipping my turn-off on the round-about, I followed the van to confirm suspicion and also simply to wave and blow kisses to two of the small collection of familiar faces I will see on this tour. The detour cost me 1/2 hr and 20ish kms of time, but dag-blast-it, it felt worth it! What a blast! 

Stocked up on food, showered and a load of laundry drying, it is now time to restring the beasties before quiet time. Call home, noodle on guitar, and yes, watch ‘hotel tv’. 

Tomorrow brings open mic, long lost cousin coffee date and visiting a few landmarks connected to my mother’s ancestry. Because I don’t know when I’ll next have time to blog about it, a long winded summation is as follows: 

Apparently my great-great g-pa John Andrew Richardson served in Fredericton at the Christ Church Cathedral from 1907-1938. I will visit the cathedral and also ‘Bishop’s Court’, the house the Richardsons lived in on 806 George Street. There is a monument in John Andrew’s honour that begs a flower drop, and a still-functioning school called ‘Charlotte Street School’ where our gramma attended some years past. 

Enough for now, goodnight and big hugs from Fredericton NB, loving this road, Ali McC xoxo


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