Looking back on the past two weekends tooting around South and Eastern Ontario I am once again humbled and inspired to continue this Troubadorian Lifestyle. Not only were the gigs in unknown lands, they were also RIGHT before a three week tour of the Eastern Provinces. Needless to say venturing out from the comfort of regular farm chores to drive into unknown lands was with some trepidation. I knew there would be some pals along the way, but if and when they would come say ‘hi’ was in the air.

Well, not only welcomed by gracious colleagues and friends with crash spots, nap couches and warm hugs…I also made new connections! Even sold a cd while setting up in Guelph to a new pal who wasn’t staying for the music. It was what you could call an ‘upswing’ weekend, even though it involved one short car sleep and applying makeup in a rear view mirror as the sun went down, among a few other hiccups and usual show nerves. Now. These upswings can be followed by downswings, and there is often no way of telling just when the ride slopes into said doldrums. It can happen at a show you have been pumped up for for months, or when something happens in the family that you are unable to extend physical hugs for. It can also happen that you feel down simply due to one of my favourite combos, the words of Canadian Balladeer/Hobo Songwriter Scott Cook, when you’re “…broke, and so far from home.” Heck, it can happen on the sunniest and warmest of days!

With all these ups and downs comes fuel for the creative fire, even if, at the time, it feels like your mind, or your heart, or the very vehicle you drive, is splitting in two. The downs used to REALLY get to me. Now, now they are part of a life built on poetry, lived for the most part on the road. You learn to combat and also accept these ups and downs…you stop drinking like the rock star you thought you were, and eat better meals like the small business owner you have become. You learn to expend energy where it is needed most, on stage, on your personal comfort and in relationships that are important to your success. Sometimes that means blowing town without stickin’ around, while other nights the opposite: you stay for that after party and have those couple of pints. Most paramount it seems: allow yourself the freedom to maintain basic healthy functions: food, sleep, work and play. (And by play I mean whatever it is that you do that isn’t bearing it all on stage, like hiking, stamp collecting or if you’re like me…reading and extra sleep.)

It’s not perfect, this art game. But would an alternate reality as a farmer or baker be perfect? Would a 9-5er job fulfill the burn to experience as much poetry, melody and human interaction that these ole creative bones ache for? Undecided! I may have to keep at the music here for a bit more to compare the two, having already spent the better part of 10 years prior in the food industry.

That being said, I will be blogging here during the upcoming tour, it’s a great way to keep record of memories made on the road! You can follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter and basically wherever your heart desires. Be well in the world, happy spring and see you on the open road!



East Coast SPRING FLING 2017

04/20 The Local, Toronto ON

04/22 The Mansion, Kingston ON w/ Yan-Nick Michaud & The Jimmy TriTone Band

04/26 Grimross Brewing Co., Fredericton NB w/Michelle Morrison

04/27 Plan b, Moncton NB w/Josée Mills

04/28 Open Eats, Summerside PE w/Colette Deveaux

04/29 Next Door Lounge, Charlottetown PE w/Colette Deveaux

05/03 Thirsty Turtle, Dartmouth NS

05/04 Reilly’s Lounge, Dartmouth NS

05/05 Breton Brewing Co, Sydney NS w/Colette Deveaux

05/06 Clancy’s Pub, Stephenville NL

05/08 Swirsky’s, Corner Brook NL

05/12 Two Whales, Port Rexton NL

05/13 Citadel House, Lewisporte NL tix: CIT13ES17

05/17 L’Escalier, Montreal QC


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