When your Crash-Spot-Cookie-Crumbles

The hospitality of music lovers along the Trans Canada Hwy, friends and strangers alike, again astounds me. Graven and I rocked the first tour date to a small but appreciative audience in Sault Ste Marie. Steve, Bob and the patrons of LopLops truly understand the importance of a travelling musician’s needs. We were initially ecstatic to do a repeat of last year’s stop over in Sault but the crash-spot-cookie crumbled in a less savoury manner when our friend went to the ER mid-show for emergency medical attention after developing an allergic reaction to some cleaning supplies he used earlier in the day! We came off stage to a text explaining that there was some money on the bar to go towards a hotel room for the evening as our host would not be able to put us up. And he apologized!? How Canadian is that!? This is a poignant example of the great lengths some folks go to help the cause of the travelling musician. The venue owner not only chipped in on our room but also called in his discount and together those two road-angels provided us with safe haven. SO grateful, thanks guys! And just at the right time, as well, for it is tonight that the three amigos of the Ali McCormick Clean Water album release tour take turns picking our way carefully to Prairie Wind Music Festival after a show with Collin Clowes at one of Canada’s iconic venues: The Apollo in Thunder Bay.  Sheila and Tina have become famous on the music scene for their quality of character and hospitable nature. True Heroes on this musical journey.

Time to drift off to the sounds Perth Ontario’s own man of song writing and household utensils, the talented Melwood Cutlery.

Although LONG and much too beautiful, Love this road. Xo


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