Love this road.

We are driving North-West towards our first date on the Clean Water Release Tour. The air is warm and very dry for early June but a cool breeze cuts past massive granite outcrops coming in off of the North Channel, Hwy 17 scenery; a vibrant and glorious moving picture.
Only the whisper of show nerves pulsing within my chest and the car packed to the hilt with instruments, clothes and road snacks, reminds me this is work. Otherwise we could be in heaven. I guess you could say I love my job!?
Anyways, aside from the already hilarious road trip jokes and humour so hard to recapture in later explanations, one funny story from the trip so far… after breakfasts and tea with my partner’s mother and nephew we set out for today’s drive only to realize within the initial few kilometres the little lad must have pressed EVERY button on the dash when he jumped into to inspect out tour buggy. First, as I drove out of St Charles it felt as though the speedometer was out of wack because those Nothern highway hills seemed to be coming at us just a tad too fast. The cause of this being a button that changes the speedometer from kilometres to miles!!! The rear view mirror had clearly been adjusted to a smaller driver…running lights on… Always check your settings, eh?
It’s nap time…Willy at the wheel and Graven rocking one of our favourite Canadian bands ‘As The Crow Flies‘ on the stereo…Love this road.
At LopLops tonight in Sault Sainte Marie!
Ali xo


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