Aptly coined, “The Lioness of Lanark ” for her mane-like hair and powerful vocals…Ali McCormick grew up in the Lanark Highlands just outside of Ottawa, Ontario on an off-grid hobby farm. She was drawn to music at a young age, live music around the kitchen table a common occurrence on the farm. With help & encouragement from her family she began writing songs. When it was obvious that music & song writing came naturally, her folks chipped in for an acoustic cutaway. She brought that guitar back & forth across the country as a youngster playing open mics, coffee shops, basements, attics, around campfires & anywhere else people wanted to hear her music. After many years and many many songs, Ali has developed a musical style all of her own:

“Ali’s right hand demonstrates a mastery of rhythm, alternating between the low and high strings of her open chords in a classic country strumming pattern. The kind of strumming that gets the crowd up out of their seats and onto the the dance floor. The crowd danced furiously until you could feel the perspiration in the air. It must be very rewarding as a musician to see people really moving to your songs. That something they created makes people nod their heads along with it, start tapping their feet, and finally getting up out of the seat to start bopping around.”

-Ramsgate And Hackett (

Inspired not only by the grand expanse that is Canada but also by the artists of all sorts she meets “Along The Way”, Ali continues to intrigue audiences with her honest and impassioned art form. Her lyrics reflect relationships with family, friends and places from both dark and light perspective, something that produces a variety of moods on any given set list. When Ali isn’t singing and strumming her heart out on stage somewhere she is happily living and working on a sheep farm. Other activities off the beaten track entail cat sitting, reading, writing and sleeping. 


“Clean Water” Ali McCormick 2016 (Produced By Brock Zeman at The Big Muddy Studio, Mixed & Mastered By Brock Zeman at The Big Muddy and Steve Foley at Audio Valley). Brock’s fabulous guitarist and friend, the renowned Blair Michael Hogan contributed much of the instrumentation on Clean Water. 

“Clean Water” is a playful compilation of old and new songs and can be streamed here:
Dave Manning aka Music Tripper wrote a really great review of the album:

“At first listening, it seems that this is a Country-Folk album, but that is not the case. Carefully chosen instrumental experimentation pollinates Clean Water without predetermined boundaries yet, engraved with the craft-wisdom borne of almost a lifetime of composing and performing. Each individual element is essential to the song it is handsewn into – each there to evoke, only as a poet devoted can, what she feels and intends to give voice to.”…for the rest:



“A mysterious familiarity to her original sound…Her pristine voice hints at her influences without betraying her originality. She hits all the right notes, cooing sweet summery melodies, then rising into resounding and powerful chorus.”-Ramsgate And Hackett, 2016


“Ali’s vocal phrasing is superb – honed by countless gigs on the road”-Music Tripper 2016


“Ali McCormick has been blazing her own trail on the Canadian music scene over the past few years with a beat up old Taylor and penchant for befriending all those she meets along the way. With a genuine drive to entertain and thirst for the open road she continues to intrigue audiences with her honest and impassioned performances.”


“Ali McCormick hails from the Lanark Highlands and has been performing across the country in a variety of venues. She…shows her emotionality and inner searching through her music. I’ve seen Ali many times over the years and she has really progressed with her delivery, stage presence and lyrical depth. Nice to see her successfully follow her passion.”

-Steve Tennant, EMC 2014


Ali is “…fully vetted and passes all tests of endurance and stage awareness..””

-Jenny Whiteley


“The Lioness of Lanark”



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